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Blog - API Proxy Release

Humley, the Cognitive Assistant Platform, today announced the availability of the Humley Proxy that allows simple integration to third party APIs, configured and managed through the Humley toolkit.

With the launch of the Humley Proxy, online customer conversations can easily integrate and access Robotic Process Automation (RPA) processes, data interrogation systems and a wide array of systems that expose APIs for integration (Slack, Jira, Salesforce, etc.).

The Humley Natural Language Engagement Platform provides enterprise-grade tools to create and in-life manage intelligent virtual assistants. Customer call centres, self-help assistants and staff concierge systems built and managed through the Humley platform toolkit will have new access to more services and information.

Humley Proxy empowers transformation teams to quickly extend their virtual chat systems’ ability to enable the future of customer engagement.  By combining this capability with the Humley Context Manager, users will be able to ask quick contextual questions or make requests, such as:

 “What will the weather be like here tomorrow?”

 “Can I see the last three transactions on my account?”

 “I’d like to open a new ticket.”

Allowing trained parties to fully integrate third party APIs into Humley Cognitive Services and user experiences speeds up time to deployment. It also marks a crucial development in creating true, single-point-of-entry, multi-skilled natural language engagements which extract and push information to and from a whole range of third party enterprise solutions.

“This is a huge step forward in our plans to integrate into partner solutions, such as UiPath RPA, as well as into market leading solutions like SAP, Salesforce, Live Engage, Databases and more general services like the weather, calendars and event-triggered solutions”, said Edward Smith, Chief Product Officer at Humley.

Humley continues to make great strides in meeting the strategic needs of large enterprise and consulting companies. The ability to download and play with a cognitive assistant, API integration tools and access online learning (will follow later in the year), ensures ready access to Humley technology and training at scale for SMEs and systems integrators across the globe.

Humley’s unique underlying AI technology platform orchestration and technology-agnostic capability provides the flexibility to grow and move with each customer’s needs and enables deployments to migrate to more performant third party technology in life or serve as a hosted or fully on-prem deployment.

With renowned, advanced management tools and a conversational philosophy which decouples knowledge management from conversation, Humley provides a world class cognitive assistant. Now, Humley’s technology can be deployed quickly, with a narrow or broad capability and truly scale up. This is key to part of a future-proofed investment in brands’ natural language engagement, enriching both the user experience and operationally ensuring that the enterprise has a single, unified solution which is rich, robust and delivers continuous ROI to the business.



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