Interested in Natural Language Engagement?

Humley look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business, brand or organisation into a brand which is able to converse with your customers and provide truly useful outcomes.

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Consumer Electronics

Help Bot

We are all consumers yet we rarely read the manual. We expect our new appliances and devices to be intuitive self-explanatory. Often, users don’t get to use the full functionality of products or get dissatisfied because something does not work as expected. A HelpBot can offer a unique, automated yet intelligent way to support new owners.


Fix the small things

Although as manufacturers we see thousands of calls about products, the vast majority of users never call. Humley makes it easy for consumers to check in and clarify the small things as well as the big things. For one of our deployments the majority of questions asked are simple product functions.


Reduce Returns

Appliances and devices differ, but devices that have a Humley assistant significantly reduce device returns. The small details improve user satisfaction, enable them to use more of the functions available and result in a better brand experience.


Reduce Post-Sale Costs

An intelligent assistant dramatically reduces the post-sale costs for appliances or devices. Calls are handled at a fraction of the standard cost and can provide multi-language, 24/7 support in a sector where margins typically don’t support such luxuries.

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