Interested in Natural Language Engagement?

Humley look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business, brand or organisation into a brand which is able to converse with your customers and provide truly useful outcomes.

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Call Centres

Traditional Call Centres suffer from staff churn, challenges in dealing with peak traffic, and communicating and training around product changes or compliance.

Humley in concert with your existing customer service agents can transform the management and function of your teams to make them more efficient, reduce churn and yet handle peak traffic easier.


24/7 availability and unlimited parallel conversations

With an intelligent automated assistant, a high volume of calls, or calls out of hours still have access to the same high quality conversational assistant that can share knowledge collect data and share outage, problem solving information at scale.


Happy customers handled automatically

Containment rate is the percentage of calls the automated assistant handles, without triage to a call centre agent. Depending on the nature of your customers and product Humley typically can quickly contain over 50-60% of calls with high satisfaction rating.


Managed by Subject Matter Experts

The Humley tools allow customer service agents, product owners or other subject matter experts to update the Intelligent Assistant, with distributed access rights. A unique set of tools that enable these services to be run at scale.


Unparalleled Insights

As all conversations are monitored we have unique insight into the high-volume subjects that users are concerned about. Humley will direct the subject matter experts to manage and improve the information that is of most importance to the user, or that causes customer dissatisfaction.

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